Fish hide
AntiParasite chew stick


Article no.: 1/008CAM (20cm Ø20mm, 45g), 1/620CAM (20cm Ø25mm, 75g)

Chew stick with kamala tree (Mallotus philippensis) is recommendable for each dog. It has been used as a medicine for centuries. Powdered kamala fruit have antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, that protect the organism against worms and parasitic diseases and also helping to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort.


98% rawhide, 1% kamala tree, 0.5% plantago lanceolata, 0.5% pumpkin;  natural colorant: kamala tree


Crude protein: 86.32%, fats and oils: 2.73%, crude fibre: <0.7%, crude ash: 1.5%


Natural components
All our chews are being produced from natural, high quality rawhide, salmon hide, bull pizzle and tripe.

Rawhide natural source of collagen
Collagen is the predominant structure protein in animal and is a primary component of osteoid, dentine, and connective tissues.
No substances with adhesive properties are being used in our production process.

All our chews do not contain the sharp rawhide elements which could hurt dogs during chewing.

All filled chews contain dried tripe and bull pizzle
It gives extra palatability results and it is a rich source of minerals.

High quality
Hand work, nature drying, grain & gluten & preservative free!

High content of raw protein
Rawhide is a natural source of meat protein which has the biggest value for carnivore dogs.

Dental health
Rawhide dental bone increases mechanical cleaning on the surface of the teeth. Plenty of studies on dogs shows that rawhide bone has the biggest effect (in chew/treat category) in preventing dental disease.