Chew bone with bull pizzle

Beef rawhide, bull pizzle, tripe, colorant

Crude protein: 89,3%

Crude fat: 2,0%

Crude ash: 0,5%

Crude fibre: <0,3%

Pressed bone with bull pizzle filling is a tasty chew treat for dogs, available in 5 different sizes. We recommend it for dogs that have digestive problems, vitamin deficiencies, or bacterial flora disorders, which can lead to coprophagia. To avoid this problem, it is best to regularly give your dog our chew treats with beef gullet and bull pizzle, which regulate the dog’s body functions and take care of their teeth.

Available sizes:

1/110Z – 10cm 35g

1/120Z – 12cm 55g

1/135Z – 13,5cm 70g

1/170Z – 17cm 115g

1/220Z – 22cm 210g