Chew stick with tripe

Beef rawhide, bull pizzle, tripe

possible meat / functional additives / fruits / vegetables

Crude protein: 96,2 %
Crude fat: <0,5%

Crude ash: 0,7%
Crude fibre: <1,3%

Regularly chewing on a beef hide chew with a bullock gullet filling allows for maintaining the oral hygiene of your furry friend, taking care of their healthy and strong teeth. By choosing this chew, you will bring joy to your pet while also taking care of their well-being and health. Remember, appropriate dog chews are not only for entertainment but also a key to a healthy life for our beloved pets.

Available sizes:

12cm Ø20mm 28g

15cm Ø20mm 35g

20cm Ø20mm 46g

20cm Ø25mm 75g